Write a Resume in 2 Just Hours

Fast Resume Writing in 2 Just Hours

Good News! You’ve just learned of a job vacancy. Is sounds like the perfect job and it’s with an excellent organization…BUT the employer must see your resume within the next 2 hours. What do you do if you don’t have one handy? Here’s how you can write a great resume in 2 hours:

1. Make a list: What does the employer want?

Never forget that the employer wants to solve his problem, not yours. Read the job description carefully and list what they need.

  • Which specific skills?
  • Qualifications?
  • Job experience?
  • Level of education?
  • Personal attributes?

Try to get inside the employer’s head. If the request lists “excellent phone skills”, it could really mean “professional communication skills.” You may not have phone experience, but perhaps you developed communication skills as clerk in a retail store.

2. Make another list: What do you have?

Make a list of the skills you have. Next, compare what the employer wants with your abilities. Highlight which ones match up. Next, make a list of all the achievements that you’ve had in areas where the employer desires your skills. Achievements are events in which you played a large part. For example: “Instrumental in the acquisition of new accounting software that saved 30% of costs in paper used for invoicing.” When writing your resume, put achievements first. Follow with qualifications that you fully meet, and lastly include areas where you don’t qualify but are similar qualifications.

3. Format your resume: Pick a Template

Don’t waste time designing a unique format because the time is too short. Go to the internet and pick a template. Pick one that will allow you to place the information that the employer wants, FIRST. You’ll find a variety for free! Fill your details into the resume template.

4. Review your resume.

At this point your resume has content, but does it read like a grocery list? Read it through and edit so that sentences flow. If you have difficulty with the resume reviewing, contact the cv editing service and best experts proofread your resume. You’ll want to focus on:

  • Making sure the language you use is active, not passive.
  • Fixing fragmented sentences.
  • Shortening lengthy sentences and paragraphs.
  • Getting rid of any jargon.
  • Correcting any spelling errors.

Last, but not least, make sure your resume has plenty of white space. You are almost done! Check your spelling again. Read your resume aloud to see if the styles flow, and correct grammatical errors. Now send you’re ready to send your resume. GOOD LUCK!