Maid Service

Maid Service Resume Writing (with Example)

Maid Service Resume Tips

  • A maid service resume may be sent to a maid service company or a private employer; however, certain elements will remain constant.
  • This is the resume that you use for employment as a maid.
  • In a maid service resume, you absolutely must identify the skills and experience you bring to the position, as well as how this knowledge and ability will benefit your employer.

Skills and Experience Count on a Maid Service Resume

  • Your maid service resume should first and foremost identify the skills, knowledge and abilities you bring to a maid service position.
  • Even if you lack formal education or training, you must still identify your skills and abilities with housekeeping and household management tasks.

Common Maid Service Resume Skills

  • General cleaning of rooms
  • Rug, carpet or upholstery cleaning
  • Washing dishes
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Making beds, picking up laundry, turning back sheets, etc.
  • Sweeping, waxing, scrubbing, or polishing floors
  • Polishing furniture, silver, fixtures, or accessories
  • Dusting furniture and equipment
  • Organizing closets, storage areas, and drawers
  • Clearing debris from outdoor living areas
  • Replacing light bulbs and batteries
  • Stocking food, cleaning supplies, linen, or other household items
  • Sorting, folding, washing, drying, and hanging laundry
  • Repairing household items or coordinating repair service
  • Coordinating the delivery and installation of large household items (TVs, cable, surround sound, computer systems, etc.)
  • Answering the door and taking telephone calls/messages
  • Providing child and/or pet care
  • Running errands for the family
  • Delegating housekeeping tasks to other staff
  • Menu planning, cooking, and serving
  • Preparing the house, room, or outdoor area for a party, meeting, or other event
  • Serving guests and family members, ensuring comfort and a stress-free stay
  • Knowledge of specialized cleaning equipment
  • Other tasks as assigned by family/supervisor

Make the Most of Maid Service Resume References

  • References are essential to any maid service resume. Your references will provide testimonials as to your work ethic and skills and enable prospective employers to verify the information you provide.
  • Always ask references for permission before listing them on a maid service resume

Resume Example

Jennifer Smith

444 Wisteria Lane Houston, TX 44433 Phone: 505.444.6777 Email:


To obtain a position with a house cleaning agency that will allow me to utilize experience in the industry.


  • Trained and experienced house cleaner
  • Committed to details and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness
  • Respectful of client’s home and property
  • Efficient and effective often completing a cleaning job under deadline


Merrymaids House Cleaning Service, Houston, TX August 2001-Present

  • Recognized as a preferred home cleaner on the Merrymaids Housecleaning staff
  • Excellent track record of punctuality and organization

Busy Bee’s House Cleaning Agency, Houston, TX October 1999-August 2001

  • Maintained up to six clients at one time
  • Recognized for thorough home cleaning and deadline management


Trainee Orientation Program, Merrymaids House Cleaning Service, August 2001


Customer Satisfaction Award, Association of Home Cleaner Agencies, Spring 2003