Writing the Best Resume for Any Job

How To Write The Perfect Resume for Any Job

You know that a resume stands between you and landing a job interview. Imagine you’re applying for your dream job. You would want the best resume possible, wouldn’t you? Whether you’re applying for a dream job or a job that will allow you to use your skills to best of your ability, it’s critical that your resume be the best it can be. Your resume is a reflection of who you are and what you’ve done. That’s worth your best effort. So, how can you make sure your resume is the best reflection of you? When writing a resume, you should always:

1) Show a clear purpose at the beginning.

Reveal your objectives, what you want to accomplish in the near future. Speak of the contributions that you want to make to the organization. Just keep it brief. Do not mention what you intend to get from the job. You’re trying to show an employer that you have a development goal.

2) Demonstrate Value.

Show that you are able to achieve your goals because of:

  • Your skills
  • Your experience
  • Your educational background
  • Leadership qualities and ….
  • Your past ACHIEVEMENTS

3) Avoid passive language.

Use action words. Eliminate phrases like “duties included.” Instead, you’ll want to write “Increased revenue by X %” (if it is true).

4) Be concise.

  • Use simple words that will make your style flow.
  • Avoid using jargon.
  • Shorten long sentences and remove unnecessary words.

5) Have lots of white spaces.

Make your resume readable. Don’t use less than a 10-point font or less than a 1-inch margin. Check out the free resume samples here to see a variety of successful templates.

6) Research the organization.

Before your interview, make sure you know:

  • The organization’s vision and mission
  • Its values
  • Challenges it faces
  • The industry it operates in

Most importantly, proofread your resume and check for grammatical errors. You should have a friend or trusted colleague read your resume as well. Ask for their honest opinion. Spelling errors are unforgivable. An employer will assume that you are lazy, uneducated or unable to do the job. Finally, read your resume again and ask yourself, “Would I hire this person for my organization?” All in all, keep in mind that the employer is king. Your resume is the ONLY chance you may have with him, and it is through your resume that he will form the first impression of you.